Our pricing is based on image size and the medium they are presented on. Aluminum, glass, canvas, photographic paper or wood.

Due to the wide range of sizes and available materials used, we have provided some SAMPLE sizes and mediums to give you an idea for your budget. We're happy to consult with clients or their interior design representatives. We also offer quantity discounts.

Aluminum with 1/2" float & mounting hardware:  20x30=$400, 24x24=$435, 26x40=$600, 36x36=$640, 33x50=$1150

The available sizes listed next to its title in the "View Images" section are ONLY SUGGESTIONS, as images can be sized and cropped to provide a proper fit for your application.

If you have need for a specific size or image type for your unique indoor space, please contact us for a consultation.

Custom assignments are always welcome.